We empower entrepreneurs in the political consulting industry to achieve fast, sustainable growth.

About The Political Business Institute

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Work with a purpose to unleash your firm’s full potential.

Every political firm begins with a vision — an idea with the potential to transform. But translating that vision into practical, sustainable growth requires more than just aspiration. 

The Political Business Institute specializes in launch, growth and turnaround strategies for political firms. Our programs are focused on driving sustainable growth to help political entrepreneurs double, triple, and even quadruple their revenue fast.

Ways We Can Work Together:

Political Business Bootcamp

For businesses that haven’t yet crossed the $1mm/year revenue line, Political Business Bootcamp is our startup training course designed to give you the tools you need to be ready to scale your business and build your team.

Political Business Masterminds

Every week our team of MBA and mindset coaches meet online to lead in-depth discussions with political business owners organized by business size and party affiliation. These masterminds also come together in person three times a year for intensive business planning retreats.

Political Business Management Consulting

For businesses who are already doing over $1mm/per year, we offer deep dive analysis, strategic planning, and execution support for key business issues including finance, operations, staffing, marketing, sales and leadership training.

Want to know more? Book a free 45-minute strategy call to speak to one of our political business strategists.

Success l'd Never Even Imagined

"Very few of us start in politics with business skills, and even fewer of us develop those skills in the chaos of campaign offices... which is why my business always seemed to be on life support. Working with Michelle and her team made all the difference, giving us the skills and guidance we needed to grow smartly and achieve a level of success l'd never even imagined."
Josh Nanberg
Founder & CEO, Ampersand Strategies

We work for and with our clients to create individualized business growth strategies that fit the unique environment of the political consulting industry.